Sweater Weather Is Finally Here

Nov 14, 2018

FALL Ramblings

Summer is my favorite time of the year but I have to say I just LOVE being all cozy in a warm sweater during fall. My sweater from Pink Blush Maternity is soooo comfy and cute! 

Seeing the leaves change and enjoying all things pumpkin are some of my favorite parts of fall. 

I’m getting super excited for pumpkin pie and I’m loving the warm tea and hot cocoa with marshmallows too!  

I’m currently 28 weeks preggo and I love eating all the yummy holiday foods. 😊 

I’m getting so excited to decorate for Christmas even though thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. I always decorate early so that I can enjoy my tree longer... Anyone else decorate before Thanksgiving? 

How many of you mamas drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea during pregnancy? Ive been enjoying it on the daily! I will continue to drink it after the baby comes too because there are just so many great benefits to it.

If any mamas are looking for the cutest maternity clothes you should check out PINK BLUSH MATERNITY. They have so many styles to choose from like this super cozy cutout shoulder sweater I'm wearing here. They have dresses,  gowns, sweaters, jeans, coats and so much more! They even make non maternity and kids clothes so you and your family can continue to enjoy their cute designs even after you have the baby!

**This post was sponsored by Pink Blush Maternity. All opinions and reviews are my own.**

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