Image is an illusion... here's what photoshop can do.

Apr 26, 2013

The effects of photoshop and makeup. The magic behind the scenes....

In my book, I'M NO ANGEL, I talk a lot about the illusion that is created for the public to see in magazines and ads. I tell all of the secrets that take place behind the camera to create the not so real images that you will see on your computer screens or in catalogues. Makeup, hair, and photoshop can make a HUGE difference in the way someone looks. They can make your waist smaller, thighs bigger etc. some of these pictures below show the befores and afters of models and actors with and without makeup and photoshop. The differences are huge and I think it's important for girls to know that they don't have to feel pressures by the media to look a certain way. You will never be able to live up to these images. I can't even live up to the images that have been photoshopped to "perfection" of myself because its not REAL.

Waists smaller, Bust bigger, Eyes wider, Skin flawless, Tan skin, Smaller nose, Whiter teeth.... AN ILLUSION.
Girls.... please take the pressure off of yourselves. You are beautiful the way God created you, REAL. unphotoshopped, Natural, unique, special, worth far more than rubies.

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