DIY photo gift with scripture or loving words

Apr 21, 2014

DIY Large Photo Print with 1 Corinthians 13

These things make a great gift for the loved ones in your life.

You can do this in any size photo that you want but I wanted to make a huge one for my husband so I went to staples and got a poster print printed. You can do this for 4.99 at Walmart! You then need to get a frame that is one or two sizes larger than your photo print. So if you have an 8x10 photo you would want an 11x14 frame. Some then take your photo and center it in the frame. You will have empty space on all sides of the photo. This is where you will be writing scripture or whatever you want. You can use scrap booking paper, construction paper, or the paper that can with the picture frame to border your photo. I just used what it came with because it was quick and easy. After you have your border around the photo you can get creative. I used a sharpie to simply write out the bible verse on mine all round the photo, but you can use paint, glitter, stamps, stickers... Maybe movie tickets from a special date or a souvenir from a trip relating to the pic. It's all up to you to design it the way you want :) here's how mine turned out!

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