My constant struggle: selfishness and living for ME

Apr 21, 2014

               Self Centered Living... 

That could possibly be the hardest struggle for all of mankind in my opinion

If you think about it... Our days are filled with things that are all about us! Our preferences, our self promotion, our pride, our egos... From things like going faster than the speed limit, to constantly checking social media sites, to being in a bad mood because we were all out of ice cream to wanting to watch TV over reading the Bible or having our minds set on things from above it all revolves around our selfishness

-caring so much what others think of us = selfishness

-posting pics to get likes and comments = selfishness

-skipping out on church or bible study... = selfishness

-manipulating a situation to get your way = selfishness

-hurting your friends and family to get your own agenda = selfishness

-not attending a certain church BC the music isn't your preference = selfishness 

The list goes on and on and on. 

There are so many things out there to consume ourselves with: video games, TV, social media, shopping, eating, etc

Unfortunately too much of my day revolves around me... And not enough of it revolves around the one thing that I was put on this earth to do: 


I believe this is why we are all so self consumed and constantly choose ourselves over Him. 

Because glorifying His name and dying to ourselves is our biggest calling in life! 

And when we aren't focused on that, we are not where we need to be. 

It is a constant struggle to say less of me and more of you Lord. Not my will but yours be done Lord... 

But one thing is for sure... The more I ask Him to help me stay on track, to help me pursue Him more, to help remind me who I am in Christ... And the more I stay diligent and disciplined in reading the word, the more I will put Christ first in my life and put myself last! 

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