Baby Luca part 4 the birth.

Jul 31, 2015

Sunday July 26 10:30 am

I can't express how much peace I had about all that was about to take place... Knowing that I was not in a hospital that could treat my baby after being born and having just met the dr for the first time ever you would think I'd be going crazy ..... but I had so much peace. I know that is only possible with God! He gave me peace beyond measure in this fast paced time. Even as the nurses came in and mentioned the possibility of having a c section and talked with me about transporting my baby right after the birth on medavac airplane to Seattle. I just trusted in Gods plan. I knew He had a purpose in this all! 

We expressed to the dr that we had read that a vaginal birth was better for this condition and he ended up agreeing with us that it was. (We later found out that it was a different dr who was talking about doing a cesarean) It turned out our dr was transferred from Texas and this was his very first week working at the Kalispell hospital. I would be his first delivery there. He decided to give me another ultrasound to take a look at the baby's intestines. He told me he thought it looked more like gastroschesis but that we wouldn't know until the baby came out. Another lady who deals with NICU babies also said she thought it sounded more like gastroschesis and she prepared me on what would take place after our baby was born. I wouldn't be able to hold our little angel after delivery because they would have to prep for air transport. I asked them if mike or I could go and they said one of us would be able to. I could only go if I was able to make a quick enough recovery after delivery. 

We denied all the meds and antibiotics that were offered to me during the labor. I still wanted as natural of a birth as I could possibly have and the dr was ok with me not having to take anything during the labor and delivery! No antibiotics or pain meds. It was such a blessing! God was providing the right dr and the environment I desired even though I wasn't at home.... 

Sunday July 26 around 11am

The dr checked me again to see how far dilated I was since the contractions were steady and strong. I was dilated to an 8... They started prepping for our baby to come.  I was able to stand up and move around to make the contraction pain easier... but it truly wasn't very painful... (Another gift from the Lord.) Mike and my midwife comforted me through each one and massaged my back. Mike and I began making plans for after the baby came. If I was able to be discharged after delivering the baby, I would go on the plane to Seattle... (The hospital had no rule on staying there for at least 24 hours) And he would hurry home... pack our stuff... And drive and meet me there! If I couldn't leave he would go and I would end up coming when I could be discharged. We didn't worry about it because we had total trust and peace in Gods plan. He had been so faithful to us so far and had given us so much comfort and peace about everything that we knew it was in His hands and he had this exact day planned out all along! We even asked the hospital if we could keep the placenta for encapsulation and they said yes! I still got to have so many things that I dreamt of for my birth and delivery. God amazes me. As I continued to have contractions my water never broke... The dr decided to check me again and found that I was a ten and told me I could start pushing whenever I was ready to. I began pushing during the contractions and within two to three contractions our sweet baby Luca came easily out into the world at 1:03 pm  (Just a few hours after arriving at the hospital!) and weighing 6 lb 12 oz. a big boy for only being 34 weeks along! Everyone was so excited! The nurse told me it was GASTROSCHESIS! Mike cut the umbilical cord and they began prepping sweet Luca to fly on the medevac. I delivered the placenta right after and the dr checked me. I had zero tears and no hemorrhaging! God was blessing us so much! Things were looking up for me to go on the plane with my sweet boy. Mike headed off to the NICU with Luca and tears of thankfulness in his eyes that everything went ok and I just couldn't stop smiling! I was filled with adrenaline and so ready to get up and get going! So ready for anything God had planned next for us. We were so grateful!! There's no way any of this could have taken place without God controlling EVERYTHING.  He was guiding every step, every hand, every moving part and things were going better than I could've ever imagined! My pastor Chris, his wife Peggy Sue, and two friends from church (Tracy and Jen) had come to the hospital to support us and came in the room to see me! We all were just so in awe of God and amazed at His perfect plan and sovereign love and grace. It was amazing that less than 24 hours ago we were meeting with our pastor and Peggy Sue at Starbucks telling them about our news for the first time and now we were all sitting in the delivery room together living out the news! It is amazing that mike and I only knew our little baby would be born with an abdominal wall defect two days prior to him entering this world! The creator of the universe has the most wondrous and perfect timing! He is so so good... I long for my soul to delight in His goodness like this forever! 

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