Baby Luca Part 5 transport to Seattle

Aug 3, 2015

I A miraculous journey....

Sunday July 26 2:30 pm (MST)

Just an hour and a half after sweet Luca was born... Him and I were headed out to load into an ambulance to be taken to the airport to fly medavac to Seattle! This was another miracle from our gracious Lord... For me to be able to be discharged so shortly after girding birth and to be able to fly on a plane with my son is an absolute miracle! After my first birth with Jase I could barely walk for the first five days because I was so sore everywhere! Mike had to help me walk to the bathroom every time I had to use it and do just about everything for me! This time around I was barely in pain and could easily get up and walk and use the restroom. The only things that made it feel like I just gave birth was that I could feel all of my organs moving back into place after being crammed up for so long. I'm still in awe of how quickly the Lord healed up my body after giving birth and for allowing me to get to fly with my sweet baby boy... 

Once we were loaded on the airplane we had a two hour flight over to Seattle and I was able to get a short nap in for part of it. 

Sunday July 26 4:55 pm (PST)

When we landed in Seattle it was raining and it just in time for rush hour traffic... We transferred to another ambulance to head to Seattle Childrens Hospital and as they were getting Luca all set up they said that the oxygen wasn't working in the ambulance and that the tanks we brought from MT only had 30 minutes left of oxygen in them so we needed to get there quick! 

Driving through rush hour traffic and rain at that time would mean it would take much longer to get to the airport than 30 minutes. I texted mike. "We landed. Please pray!!!" I didn't stress out or have fears or anxiety. I knew that God was in control and that all I could do was pray! I began praying to Him and praising Him for all he had done for us... The driver of the ambulance turned on the sirens and grabbed her radio and started telling cars to move out of her way on the freeway. I couldn't help but smile and praise God all the more. Happy tears welled in my eyes because I knew He was giving us a miracle and giving us the right driver and everything to get little Luca safely to the hospital! It was such a sweet moment! We arrived at the hospital in just under 30 minutes! Luca was brought right up to the NICU and I was introduced to all of the nurses, doctors, and surgeons that would be taking care of him! Mike was on his way to Seattle and would be arriving around midnight with all of our stuff... Our family friends came and met me at the hospital and helped me get checked into my sleeping room for NICU parents and got me food. Everything was working out so amazingly well. It could only be by Gods grace and Him guiding everything. I sit in awe of Him... It's amazing how a time full of ambulances, hospitals, and a crazy road ahead could produce in me such a calm and at peace spirit. Such small things in the past have gotten me so easily stressed or angered or anxious. Yet now in this time all I felt was IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. AND I PRAISED JESUS!!!

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