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Mar 26, 2018

Tension Headaches, Eye Strain, Insomnia, Tired Red Eyes?? Here’s a solution that might help!!

I first heard about blue light blocking glasses because I get lots of headaches and this has been a very effective way for people to rid themselves of headaches. ((Just checkout the amazon reviews... they are all so positive)) You are supposed to wear the glasses when you are using devices or watching tv. (Basically all screen time) They filter out some or most of the blue light that is emitted from screens which is what affects sleep, tension, eye health, and more. After doing more research I found out that these glasses are beneficial for so many things... especially healthy sleep!! 

Here are some of the benefits of blue light blocking glasses: 

Eye Protection
Melatonin Production 
Cortisol Patterns 
Better Sleep 

Why you should avoid blue light:

Dr Mercola states that: Exposure to artificial light is one of the largest often-overlooked health risks of living in the 21st century. Your early ancestors had no such worries, as their day started and ended with the rise and fall of the sun, which synchronized perfectly with their circadian rhythm. 
Today, your body is still attuned to this internal clock. In the morning, bright, blue-light-rich sunlight signals to your body that it's time to wake up. At night, as the sun sets, darkness should signal to your body that it's time to sleep. 
The problem is that most people living in developed countries no longer go to sleep when the sun sets. 
Instead, we turn on LED lights, computers, televisions, tablets and smartphones, all of which expose us to varying amounts of blue light at a time of day when there's supposed to be next to none. Your body is understandably confused as a result.

It's now becoming clear that one of the least expensive and simplest ways to protect your body's internal rhythm, and thereby support healthy sleep and a lowered risk of many chronic diseases, is to wear blue-light-blocking glasses not just at night but anytime you are exposed to artificial lights.

So I decided to give them a try and I noticed a difference immediately with head tension and eye strain. After continuing to wear them for a few months I’m even more in love with them. On rare occasions when I forget them and watch tv without them I can feel the tension in my forehead again. I think that blue light glasses are an amazing investment for your health! 
Not only do I use them but my husband and kids do now too!! 

By now you are probably wondering which ones are best... so I’ll give you a few of my favorite options below! I have a few different pairs and I love them all! 

The ones I am wearing in the image at the very top of the blog are Blue IQ lenses from LensCrafters.

I love these because you get to choose your frame. The ones I chose are Prada.... they have lots of brands like coach, michael kors, Ray-ban, & Oakley. Another benefit is that if you have a prescription they can be added into your prescription lenses. 

The glasses my husband has are from GUNNAR OPTIKS.

They are patented and you can add a prescription too.

These Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a good option on Amazon for little ones.

I also have these from Amazon (see below) and they are great. They have awesome reviews and are inexpensive!!

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