How To BANISH Your Acne Scars

Apr 4, 2018

Do you suffer from acne scarring? This may be the solution you are looking for you!
I have spent years and lots of money trying out different products that claim to get rid of acne scars. I never had the kind of results I was looking for until I started using Banish Acne Scars products. I saw results in my suppleness overnight and saw a difference in my scars within two weeks! I have now used the products for several months and have had such great results. I’m so thankful that I finally found what truly works to get rid of scars without having to spend loads of money on professional laser resurfacing or treatments in office.
I don’t have time or money to go spend at a medi spa to get rid of my scarring so I love that Banish gets rid of my scars in the comfort and convenience of my home. The products are so easy to use too! Not to mention they are all natural and contain no harsh chemicals. They are also cruelty free! I started with the Banish Kit which contains everything you need to get rid of your scars and improve skin texture, treat enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and more. Not only have my scars improved but so has the texture of my skin and my skin doesn’t get so dry like it used to in the winter time or when I travel. I will share my Banish routine below!

I use the Charcoal Clay Mask to get dirt out of my pores and draw out toxins and impurities from my skin or I use the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which helps exfoliate your skin with AHAs, reduces oily skin appearance, reduces congested skin to help clear pores, improves dullness and skin clarity. After I use the mask I then use the pore smasher to help numb my face before using my Banisher. The Banisher is a microneedling tool that helps produce collagen in your skin. The Banisher provides a natural way to improve the appearance of skin. It uses titanium bristles in an optimal size to create stimulating micro channels onto the skin. This process revitalizes and regenerate skin’s appearance with little to no recovery time. It doesn’t hurt at all and makes your skin look amazing the next day! I then proceed with the Banish Oil Vitamin C Serum. This is proven to improve skin texture and radiance.

In the morning I use the Vitamin C Cream Moisturizer before I apply my makeup. I don’t even use primer now because this moisturizer is so amazing. It keeps your skin from getting dry and helps improve the appearance of your skin. At night I wash my face and then apply the Banish Oil to give my skin a beautiful glow the next morning and help with the scarring. After I apply the oil I use the Beauty Elixir as a spray toner. I use this during the day too over or under my makeup to give my skin hydration and help with my skin tone.

The results from people around the world are unbelievable! Check out these before and after photos and if you want to try the Banish products out you can save money by using my coupon code: KYLIE


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