Bedding That Makes Itself - A Must Have For Moms

Oct 16, 2018

If you haven’t yet heard of Beddy’s Bedding then you haven’t heard of the quickest and easiest way to make yours and your kids beds everyday! 


Imagine waking up in the morning and all you have to do to make your bed look perfectly made is to zip it up. This has been my new reality for my kids room ever since my Beddys package arrived at my doorstep. 

One of my least favorite chores as a child and even now as an adult is making the bed. This is by far the easiest and most convenient bedding I’ve used before. 


Our (3) boys have a bunk room and I was constantly remaking their beds throughout the day because they love to play with the blankets and sheets and pull them off the bed. Now that we have beddys on their bunks I don’t have to do anything except for zip them up and anyone with little boys knows that they LOVE to zip things so they are able to make the beds themselves! 

Bunk beds are a lot harder to make than regular beds because you have to climb up top to get the sheets and blankets onto the bed and it’s super awkward to try to tuck everything in. Beddys has cut my bed making time down immensely because all you have to do after washing the bedding is to put the all in one piece over the mattress and you’re done. It’s that simple. This is especially great for little ones who are messy and have accidents and when you have to wash the bedding a lot. 

Beddys makes bedding for every bed you can imagine too! It’s not just for kids! Adults can use Beddys too. You can even buy it for a day bed or an RV bed as well! The possibilities are endless with Beddys. They have the cutest and most unique prints too!! They even make bed skirts! They offer two options as well... a minky version or an all cotton one. For my kids I chose the minky bedding because it is super soft and cuddly. I would choose the all cotton for myself! 

Beddys ships within the United States as well as to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, The Netherlands, Ireland, India, Great Britain, Brazil and Germany.

Now that I have them for the boys room and love them so much.... I cannot wait to get them for our RV and more! 

Beddys helps make a mamas job a little easier! Thank you Beddys 😀 •• you can use my discount code KYLIE20 for 20% off your order•• Shop now :)

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